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The last thing you want is termites eating away at your investment.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive timber pest in Australia and can cause a significant amount of damage to your home and other existing buildings. Termites cause over $100 million dollars damage in Australia every year.

Given a subterranean termite‚Äôs small size and ideal habitat, most go undetected and gain entry to buildings without the owner or tenant having any idea until excessive damage is done.  Surveys indicate that termites cause more damage to Australian households than floods, fires and storms combined. Many owners will then come to find out that the damage caused by the termites is not covered by their insurance.

Recognizing live termites

Subterranean termites look like white ants, roughly the same size of a grain of rice. It is more likely that you will discover workers and possibly soldiers.

Coptotermes (soldier)Schedorhinotermes

Termite Tubing

Termite Inspection/ Pre purchase inspection

A termite inspection for a building includes a thorough visual inspection of the exterior, sub floor, inside roof void and any other areas which may be a possible dwelling for termites. Then a full detailed report is then written and provided. A full detailed report is then written and provided.

A termite inspection report should provide the following

  • Tips on how to reduce the likelihood of termite infestation
  • Detection of damage or active termites
  • Provides element of risk for infestation
  • essentially, that it informs you on termites

Chemical Barrier

Installing a termite chemical barrier is one of the most effective, safe, long term ways to protect your home from termites. The way the barrier works is liquid chemical is applied to the soil, either around the entire perimeter of your homes foundations or drilled and injected under the concrete flooring.

There a various types of chemicals that are designed for chemical termite barriers depending on the situation, some are designed to kill the termites whilst other a designed to repel them. The life expectation of a chemical barrier ranges from 3-10 years depending on the chemical applied.


A reticulation system is a connection of underground pipes designed to dispense chemical equally throughout your homes foundations. This system protects your home and repels termites from termites from gaining entry.

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