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Cat Fleas

Cat fleas are flattened from the side with long legs enabling them to jump.
Habitat:  As the name suggests most cat fleas tend to reside where the host rests/sleeps example a cat basket. The young are often dropped into the basket where they then mature.

Dog fleas

A brownish black colour around 1 to 4mm long.
Habitat: Commonly found on dogs these fleas can leap from host to host, living fur and also in infest gardens/lawns.

Bird Fleas

Brownish in colour, bird fleas tend to live in bird nests and hen houses. They are uncommon is households

Flea Prevention Tips:

Regularly wash your pets in hot/warm water, frequently vacuum house to pick up any immature fleas paying close attention to carpeted areas. Make sure yard is kept low cut and tidy with all leaves and clippings picked up. Regularly wash the pet or maintain a flea treatment, this will stop fleas jumping on dog/cat from neighbours yard or other premises.

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