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Ghost ant:

Pasty light brown ant that feed on sweet material such as honey or sugar. They can nest indoors in small spaces, cracks and even wall voids, kitchen and bathrooms most common.

Green head ant:

Dark/black with green heads. Mostly habitat in lawns or gardens and feed on material of vegetable matter. Can impose an excruciating sting on humans.

Pavement ant:

Dark coloured/black these ants nest in lawns, wood, under debris and along sidewalks. They eat almost everything humans eat and can be seen entering windows or doorways in search of food.

Garden ant:

Brown or black in colour, commonly habitation is outside in soil, garden or sides of buildings. Sweet foods are favoured but high protein foods are also eaten. 

Odorous house ant:

Brown or black, these ants feed on most household foods preferably sugary such as honey, sweets and also fruits. They can produce a light coconut smell when crushed giving the name the odorous ant.

Sugar ant:

Often a bright-coloured orange these ants nest in wood, plants, branches and shrubs. They can give a bite but do not sting and feed off waste and sweet food.

Fire ants:

These ants have a dark body and a coppery brown head. They feed off dead insects as well as animals; they nest near logs etc or in mounds up to 30cm. Proceed with caution as they can minister a painful sting.

Ant Prevention (Household) Tips

Clean up scraps or crumbs off kitchen bench etc, put food in air tight containers and seal off as many possible entrances as their entry point.

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